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Только лохи смотрят порно? Блог о всяком. Как выянили психологи, не только. Нормлаьные мужики тоже могут подавить ужа, ибо красивые девушки встречаются часто только в порнухе. В реальной жизни у баб тело намного страшней, ибо многие девушки за собой не следят. И это очень плохо и печально. Слишком много толстух развелось и алкашек...

Entertaining humorous site Youtube began its history April 9, 2009 as a small Internet area for everyone who wants to take off everyday stress, relax and finally enjoy the feeling of life. After all, we gradually began to forget that you can get the feeling of joy and bright impressions to meet with a smile every day. And there is at least sometimes afford entertainment relaxing holiday, to feel that you live yourself in joy, in his own pleasure. This is the first step that brings each person to itself - listen, what he wants your soul ..?

To this day, the site is growing and developing daily adding interesting content thematic innovations from around the world: the positive video jokes, funny pictures bright, colorful and exciting flash games online for free. Our philosophy is based on the pure positive - all content must be pleasing to the eye, cause a pleasant and positive emotions, causing the visitor can not help to smile or even laugh out loud. - best site.

For convenience and quick search on the site created four main sections with video gags online, free flash games, funny pictures and funny quotes. In the Video section - a large and regularly updated collection of fresh, fun and interesting videos that can be free without registration watch online. One of the most popular genres - Pets - contains the most fun and funny commercials with pets and wild animals in zoos and kennels, gladdening human friendliness, naivete, kindness, spontaneity, good reason - the animals have always been our companions, because they are faithful friends, are love and warmth in the heart. Filmed on camera oddities and funny situations with young inventors, dreamers and pranksters in a large number are in the category Children. Very popular funny stories of the road and automotive subject matter - will you find them in Avtoprikolah. The Mad you find videos with extravagant and crazy, which are solved in the reckless behavior and dangerous stunts, inadvertently climb trees, jump over ditches and puddles on Youtube, the girls are trying to take back-breaking heights, fooled and hooligans in noisy companies - and all of this takes place either on stupidity and stupidity, or because they are courageous daredevils; there are many funny incidents on sports training, competitions, contests and games, it is also full of funny events during recreational activities, celebrations, holidays, vacation. TV humor - it's funny cartoons and animated films and amateur and professional parody of them, bloopers in the movie, funny situations on the set of reports and interviews, television programs, live, sharp speech satirists and humorists, as well as the absurd and strange in their story advertising lines. Exciting Lotteries offer you a funny joke on your friends and buddies, after which they find themselves in a ridiculous and foolish. Funny Youtube videos in categories for adults will be to the liking of the most tempted - for those who like it hot and witty humor. The Minutes of Fame is going to a collection of videos with people who are trying to conquer the world with his original talent, who really is capable of something interesting and unique, or just him so it seems, who tries to make his life rich thanks to natural talent and hard work and training that embody their ability in life. Several similar to the last category of music that incorporates subjects with gifted individuals, the soul of which stretches to express themselves through musical creativity, and at the same time, mind you, they do not do it for money, but for himself and those who like close and causes trembling inside. And finally, an interesting - a large collection of fascinating especially for the curious, erudite, and those who want to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of science, art, contemporary art, who want to explore the world with its different facets. If you have something to share with people traveling Youtube help in this - please register here and then you can not only watch free online video fun, but also safe to upload their unique funny video to see who could be anyone, as well as comment on their favorite and remember the fun, add your favorite videos to Favorites or download the video to your computer or to mp4 phone to 3gp formats.

Photo fun section devoted to adorable funny pictures and demotivators, sometimes so clearly emphasizes our unique realities and peculiarities of life. In the flash game you are waiting for a breathtaking Mini Games: Adventure (quests and Action), racing, shooting and other toys, which are so loved, not only in childhood but also in advanced age; measured, beautiful and bright game for girls odevalok type, logical toys for ingenuity and quick thinking.

Try to make it a rule to please yourself short diversion from the hectic and busy lives forever, become a child at least for a short while! Video fun for free, funny pictures, free mini flash games online will help to relax, cheer up and feel around you that rosy and warm, the sun is shining, the birds are filled joyful singing, next right and good friends, but because our existence here and now great! Bring the world of entertainment with a positive humorous ochepyatka site! Let's grow together! Watch videos on youtube.

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